English Chayei Nefesh / Biography- Rabbi Gedalya Kenig

English Chayei Nefesh / Biography- Rabbi Gedalya Kenig
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Author: Rabbi Gedalya Kenig , translated by Dovid Zeitlin, Dovid Sears, Talya Lipshutz     Description: Translated to English for the first time, with an additional biography of the author z"l, the founder of the tzfas Breslov community.. A wide-ranging discussion of the tzaddik concept and the importance of hiskashrus l'tzaddikim written by an outstanding Breslov scholar of the previous generation. The author musters hundreds of sources from the Gemara, Midrash, Zohar, Rishonim and the Kabbalah to show that there is no basis in Rav Chaim of Volozhin's classic Nefesh HaChaim for those who wish to attack the Chassidic movement. Chayei Nefesh received Haskamos from numerous Gedolim, including Rav Pinchos Epstein of the Eidoh HaCharedis of Yerushalayim. Publishing Data:  Jerusalem.5780  9x7"  287 pp. HB, 

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